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Indicative Projects

General Finance and Change Management

Change Management project for a private equity firm

  • Crafted and implemented diverse savings initiatives of financial systems for a private equity firm with 18 independent manufacturing companies ranging in size from $10MM to $150MM.
  • Worked with key stakeholders in each company to analyze, refine, design and architect requirements, controls and business processes.  Transferred change management methodology to key resources. 
  • Initiative saved approximately $5MM in the first year

Business Process restructuring for $8BN food and beverage company

  • Recreated a new Accounts Payable process after initial process design failed.  Reworked imaging software, process design and project plan.
  • Analyzed and reviewed formal system requirements, business processes, internal controls and advised leadership on best practices and approaches to successfully implement shared services environment.
  • Designed pilot and rollout workplan including communications plan for 122 locations

Post Merger Integration for large commercial bank

  • Headed a project team to merge the real estate banks of Bank of America and NationsBank. 

  • The project consisted of current environment evaluation, business process redesign, project planning, personnel review and systems conversions in five states. 

  • The project came out ahead of time and under budget

New software design project for private airplane broker

  • Designed and diagrammed new software project to track 1000 individual data points around the world on a daily basis.  Built a subscription model to allow voluntary data entry and limited reporting.

  • Coordinated suppliers from Russia, India, Eastern Europe and the United States. 

  • Project was sourced at 20% less than projected cost.

Procurement and Supply Chain

Procurement  strategy, strategic sourcing and outsourcing for a leading global technology storage manufacturer

  • Lead a team to manage a spend reduction program of indirect categories working with multiple business unit presidents using resulting in $12MM annual savings. 
  • Project required changing procurement organization from decentralized control to center led structures and creating procurement strategy in line with corporate strategy statement, writing business policies as well as creating a standardized hierarchy of corporate accounts.
  • Tools used to drive savings include including offshoring, outsourcing, electronic RFx and auction.

Finance Management project for a multidivisional insurance provider

  • Created a centralized purchasing department including best practices, corporate purchasing policy for an organization with uncoordinated, decentralized purchasing offices.
  • Sourced and implemented new suppliers in 9 categories for an annual savings of 19% of total spend.
  • Proposed additional process savings improvements through active joint process improvements with suppliers.
  • Established corporate standard processes and policies that would address compliance and demand management issues and assure that the savings target was realized.

Supplier Relations project for a leading consumer goods manufacturer

  • Constructed processes to objectively evaluate supplier value creation potential and build standardized evaluation templates for annual reviews.
  • Redesigned supplier evaluation process to include innovation as key criteria. 
  • Conducted 2 day negotiations training for key personnel.
  • Estimated benefit to client is approximately $10MM annually.

Business Process restructuring for a $65BN health care company

  • Analyzed and designed business processes company with four disparate divisions. 
  • Created center led group to head initiatives on redesign of supply chain and procurement workflows. 
  • Conducted 2 day training sessions to build consensus from subsidiary companies.
  • The project saved 20% in the first year.

Strategic Sourcing for a leading global chemical manufacturer

  • Lead a team to implement electronic sourcing tools as well as consortium solutions through 3 waves of categories including commercial print with savings in excess of 20%.
  • Implemented a single source technology provider in 8 countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia.
  • Developed complete communication plan for all offices including executive level through multiple channels within the company mores.

Data spend rationalization for leading IT outsourcing company

  • Acted as lead negotiator on contracts totaling approximately $26MM with 216 vendors. 
  • Completed business process development for all procurement related activities including trials, user administration, training and marketing.
  • Managed the procurement budget for A.T. Kearney worldwide for data spend.  Manage financial chargeback processes between EDS, A.T. Kearney and all subsidiaries worldwide.

Sales and Marketing Projects

Sales growth opportunities for a purchasing consortium

  • Grew membership from 10 companies to 20 Fortune 500 companies through aggressive sales efforts and increased sales by $3MM annually. Expanded categories offered under frame agreement from 7 to 18.
  • Redesigned category management, client management, sales and on-boarding processes to increase speed, efficiency and overall client experience.

Sales and marketing project for a marketing and PR firm

  • Formulated a master marketing plan and marketing briefs to define client perceptions, desired perceptions, focus of sale and developed detailed tactics for 6 key areas—internet marketing, public relations, advertising, trade shows, collateral and direct mail. 
  • Transformed the company by designing and implementing a comprehensive organizational structure including the development of key systems for talent management and responsibility, legal, finance, reporting and operations. 



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